MasterKey Summer Learning


MasterKey Summer Learning meets the needs of kids that are at risk of losing their educational edge over the summer. According to statistics, the majority of children from low educational and/or limited English homes return to school in September at a lower level than they left the school in May. Research concludes that this drop occurs because of the lack of educational opportunities provided through the three months of vacation. MasterKey Ministries has recognized this problem and created a fun seven weeks of academics for kids in K-8th grade that promotes discovery-type learning at the same time that literacy and mathematic skills can be reinforced. This program provides these students with a much-needed boost in learning and at the same time, prepares them for new educational experiences in the fall. DiscoveryKeys fulfills our mission of seeing the need and designing the program to fill it.

Get Involved…

What makes MasterKey work in our community? It is the fact that the organization was founded and continues to thrive based on committed volunteers that bring their experience, their love of others, and their dedication to excellence to the MasterKey team. Together we have made a great impact on our community and as we grow in numbers, that impact will increase dramatically.

Volunteer commitment of time is under your control. There are things to do for one hour of week up to twelve hours of time. Some opportunities involve zero preparation and others require a small amount. Volunteers enrich the life of the ministry in so many ways. There is something to do for everyone! Call us or click below for some fullfilling opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities