MasterKey Adult Education


MasterKey Adult Education was developed to address adult educational challenges. The program provides adult learners with opportunities to gain valuable skills that are needed in order to improve their lives. Students are instructed by dedicated teachers that individually assist adult learners to fill in learning gaps and to remove past hindrances that have prevented their success.

English as a Second Language
Classes are offered to provide the Hispanic community with the necessary secondary language education that will enable them to become participating citizens of the community. Students are individually placed in a class that matches their English language proficiency. Classes are taught using the Side by Side Plus curriculum which introduces new material verbally and visually, provides modelling of the new information, and offers a variety of opportunities to practice speaking and listening to English, as well as reading and writing of English.

GED Prep Courses
MasterKey offers a GED prep course for English and Spanish speakers. This course will prepare adult students to take and to pass the GED examination for high school certification. Instruction will be offered through two different methods. Students may use either or both methods of instruction, providing the key to their future success. First, a weekly class of instruction with two bilingual teachers will be provided. In addition, students will be encouraged to also use the computer lab at the times made available. The computer lab offers a student personal time of study using the nationally acclaimed Merit GED prep software. This special program instructs students, taking them step by step through the process, until they achieve success.

Citizenship Courses
MasterKey offers to the community a unique opportunity to prepare for the United States Citizenship examination. The information that is required to be learned for the test is grouped into four categories. Each category is taught in one class period, allowing for questions and explanations with a bilingual teacher. The class times are scheduled for four Saturdays in one month, providing the greatest impact for learning. In addition, students may retake the classes throughout the year if needed, guaranteeing their successful completion and passing of the US Citizenship Exam.

Get Involved…

What makes MasterKey work in our community? It is the fact that the organization was founded and continues to thrive based on committed volunteers that bring their experience, their love of others, and their dedication to excellence to the MasterKey team. Together we have made a great impact on our community and as we grow in numbers, that impact will increase dramatically.

Volunteer commitment of time is under your control. There are things to do for one hour of week up to twelve hours of time. Some opportunities involve zero preparation and others require a small amount. Volunteers enrich the life of the ministry in so many ways. There is something to do for everyone! Call us or click below for some fullfilling opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities