MasterKey After School Program


MasterKey After School Program  — a program providing homework assistance, tutoring of children with specific needs, enrichment activities, and character training through requiring responsibility, truthfulness and respect.

MasterKey After School Program aims to cooperate with local public and private school officials to promote the success of students in the community, but especially to families that would be considered at high risk.

In particular, Hispanic families that face language barriers are in great need of assistance for their children in the area of communication with their children’s teachers and schools, homework help, and bridging the cultural gap in the community. To meet this need and to also provide assistance to other parents, this program connects directly with teachers to provide assistance, communication, and accountability as needed.

Get Involved…

What makes MasterKey work in our community? It is the fact that the organization was founded and continues to thrive based on committed volunteers that bring their experience, their love of others, and their dedication to excellence to the MasterKey team. Together we have made a great impact on our community and as we grow in numbers, that impact will increase dramatically.

Volunteer commitment of time is under your control. There are things to do for one hour of week up to twelve hours of time. Some opportunities involve zero preparation and others require a small amount. Volunteers enrich the life of the ministry in so many ways. There is something to do for everyone! Call us or click below for some fullfilling opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities